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The Kama Platform

Kama's cutting edge "all-in-one" platform integrates the world's most advanced sport data and technologies and allows users to centralize their daily operations, analyze performance, govern their scouting operation and create instantaneous, customizable highlights - all in the same platform.

kama platform calendar
kama platform calendar

Enhance your training intelligence.

The perfect tool to organise the daily work of the first team and academy. Build your own training methodology and organize the work of the staff.

- Integrate and centralize GPS, training videos, and data parameters in one place.

- Develop custom activities and programs for individual players.

- Define and monitor injury recovery progress for returning players.

kama platform analysis

Improve your analytical capabilities

Utilize objective, customizable data and intelligence to enhance your analytical capabilities.

- Analyse matches, players, leagues and teams from more than 100 competitions.

- Full integration of data providers and proprietary data.

- Create custom reports of your pre- and post-match analysis.

- Build tailored performance benchmarks and customizable indexes.

kama platform calendar
kama platform video
kama platform video

Empower your analytical and coaching teams

Empower coaching teams with high quality video insights, integrated into your pre and post-match analysis.

- Easily create video reports on teams and players.

- Exclusive Kama AI-powered Game Scenarios allowing you to visualize any game situation in an instant.

- Integrated footage from tactical and training feeds.

- Automatic analysis of own and opponents’ games and performance.

kama platform scouting

Augment your scouting operation

Track the performance of top talents across the global football pyramid and manage your entire scouting network.

- Custom grading and segmentation of talents.

- Governance and management of scouts with the ability to govern your full scouting network.

- Manage your prospective targets with Kama's "Shadow Team".

- Evaluate players based on hundreds of characteristics and receive tailored recommendations based on your desired parameters.

- Fully Automated and integrated feeds from Opta, Statsbomb and Wyscout.

kama platform scouting