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Football intelligence,

The best all-in-one, data-driven and ai-powered platform that integrates the best football insights and cutting-edge technologies. Tailor-made for coaches, teams, leagues, federations, and football professionals to streamline daily operations and elevate performance to achieve their goals.

Sport performance

Driving individual and team performance through integrated insights and specialized technology solutions.

Media and Entertainment

Kama.Sport platform analysis

We help media and betting companies enhance audience immersion and engagement through advanced visual features, widgets, and customized content. We offer powerful insights, customizable plugins, and widgets, unlocking the future of sports media.

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Digital transformation

Kama is Serie A's official
innovation partner

Dynamic technology. Precise insights. Immediate impact.

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Data-driven innovation

Kama is FIGC's official technical supplier

Innovative solutions. Strategic analytics. Transforming the game.

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Next-Level Engagement

Kama is Kings League's
Official Data Provider

Interactive data. Immersive experiences. Fan-first approach.

Kings League
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Kama.Sport platform performance improvement

Youth teams and non-professionals

Helping amateur teams evolve and succeed

Kama supports the digital development of youth and amateur teams through the centralization of daily activites, player analysis and video highlights.

  • Cristian Bucchi

    Cristian Bucchi

    Serie B Club Manager

  • Alberto Aquilani

    Alberto Aquilani

    First Level Manager

  • Emilio Longo

    Emilio Longo

    Serie C Club Manager

  • Rimini F.C.

    Rimini F.C.

    Serie C Club

  • Marco Donadel

    Marco Donadel

    First Level Manager

  • Giovanni Stroppa

    Giovanni Stroppa

    Serie B Club Manager

  • Moreno Longo

    Moreno Longo

    First Level Manager

  • Daniele Buzzegoli

    Daniele Buzzegoli

    Youth Team Manager

  • Oscar Garcia Junyent

    Oscar Garcia Junyent

    First level Manager

  • Gus Poyet

    Gus Poyet

    National team coach

  • Feralpisalò


    Serie C Club

  • Catanzaro


    Serie B Club

  • Football Club Pro Vercelli 1892

    Football Club Pro Vercelli 1892

    Serie C Club

  • S.S.C. Napoli

    S.S.C. Napoli

    Serie A Club

  • Xavi Hernández

    Xavi Hernández

    World Cup, UCL and
    Euro Winner

  • Italy


    National Team

  • Thiago Motta

    Thiago Motta

    Serie A Club Manager

  • Rafael Benítez

    Rafael Benítez

    UCL, UEL and LaLiga Winner

  • Francesco Farioli

    Francesco Farioli

    Youngest Italian Manager in a First Division

  • Gennaro Gattuso

    Gennaro Gattuso

    Manager and
    World Cup Winner

  • Leonardo Semplici

    Leonardo Semplici

    First Level Manager

  • Stefano Vecchi

    Stefano Vecchi

    Serie C Club Manager

  • Antonio Nocerino

    Antonio Nocerino

    First Level Manager

  • Cagliari Calcio

    Cagliari Calcio

    Serie A Club

  • Paolo Zanetti

    Paolo Zanetti

    Serie A Club Manager

  • Marco Banchini

    Marco Banchini

    Serie C Club Manager

  • Paolo Vanoli

    Paolo Vanoli

    Serie A Club Manager

  • Davide Nicola

    Davide Nicola

    Serie A Club Manager

  • Massimo Oddo

    Massimo Oddo

    Serie C Club Manager

  • Daniel Ramos

    Daniel Ramos

    Liga Portugal Club Manager

  • Amiens Sporting Club Football

    Amiens Sporting Club Football

    Ligue 2 Club

  • Salernitana


    Serie B Club

  • The Miami Football Club

    The Miami Football Club

    USL Championship

  • Alessandro Nesta

    Alessandro Nesta

    Serie A Club Manager

  • Bologna F.C.

    Bologna F.C.

    Serie A Club

  • Luciano Spalletti

    Luciano Spalletti

    National team coach
    and Scudetto Winner

  • Maurizio Sarri

    Maurizio Sarri

    UEL and Scudetto Winner

  • Vincenzo Italiano

    Vincenzo Italiano

    Serie A Club Manager

  • Filippo Inzaghi

    Filippo Inzaghi

    Manager and
    World Cup Winner

  • Andrea Pirlo

    Andrea Pirlo

    Manager and
    World Cup Winner

  • Mantova 1911

    Mantova 1911

    Serie B Club wallpaper black

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