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for technical staff and sports clubs.

Selection. Integration. Customization.

The pillars of Kama.Sport


We have selected the best technologies internationally, integrating data and functionalities to offer the most complete service to the end user.


Data (technical, tactical, physical, medical, video, market, training, correspondence, tracking) is processed with advanced algorithms, which can be exploited and stored in a multi-functional, multi-access cloud - platform, set to meet the needs of the user.


Kama Sport is a tool that adapts to your needs. The service offers a complete analysis experience and control of internal and external data. The customization of the platform allows you to streamline your daily work processes in the best way possible.

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Sports and Innovation
all in one

Improve decision making using data, analytics, technologies, and software for performance analysis, player recruitment, and long-term strategic planning.

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Kama Encrypted Data

Encrypted data

Your data on the platform is protected and stored.

Kama Create your indicators

Create your indicators

You can create indicators for advanced and unique analysis.

Kama Select the data of interest

Select the data of interest

You can activate more than 280 game parameters.

Kama Create goal-oriented standards

Create goal-oriented standards

Define your targets and your dynamic comparison patterns.

Kama Compare teams and players

Compare teams and players

Compare the values to have a direct and accurate comparison.

Kama Configure your parameters

Configure your parameters

Create unique analysis environments for professional analysis.

Kama Highlights players, teams and matches

Highlights players, teams and matches

An in-depth and immediate video analysis.

Kama Analysis and statistics

Analysis and statistics

Indicators, flows, classifications, and all the most advanced statistics. statistics.

Kama Kama Index


Very powerful performance indicator achieved by expert scientist.

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Kama's Analysis tool is dedicated to data analysis and statistics. Through the customization of interfaces, flows, patterns and indexes; players, teams and matches data is made available to coaching staff and managers.


Analyze events, complex game situations instantly and share them with players and collaborators via the application. Search algorithms and filters can be customized according to the needs of the coaching staff or club.

Kama analysis

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