Groundbreaking solutions
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With the Kama. Analytik platform we integrate all the analysis of the match and structure the data efficently. On top of that, our statesmen and computer scientists will also create new, deeper and more predictive analyzes, based on your unique needs. Enabling you to create space for your experience and ideas. The personalized statistics follow your club’s seasonal goals, accompanying you throughout the whole season, leading you to new heights of success.

Nowadays I think it is very important to know that digitalization in football is not the future but the present. We are entering an era in which we have to work with different digital platforms of which I think Kama. has the most correct ideas.
I recommend Kama. to all the teams because with Kama. there are no limits and because Kama. offers a quality that I have never seen before.

Oscar Villariño Mallo, Football Camp Technician at Atletico de Madrid Foundation



With the Kama. Akademy system each team could be managed, from the academy to the affiliates, collecting essential information for centralized decision. On the Management platform we organize your team’s procedures. Kama. listens to your needs and helps you better manage sports preparation and their promising players.

Kama. is the sport’s Santa Claus, and it’s always Christmas with them.
Silvio Broli, ex former Manager AC Milan soccer world schools



TaK is the new technology that will help revolutionize your training. With a touch on their smartwatch, the staff can record an important training or match event. Players will then have access to all the important information and suggestions they need to improve their performance on their personal app. His tailored information could be portraied in different ways, such as video highlights, to make it easier for player to absorb on the go.

With our smart camera Kama. offer the possibility to tag each event in real time, and with the VideoK system the videos comes directly to the player. Day by day, this will help increase the level of perfomance from players.

This is a complete and efficient system even for non-professional teams. TaK reduce the gap with the top leagues and with it you can use all the more advanced digital systems on the market.



VideoK is the fastest system for selecting and creating videos. You can select all the events of the games you want to analyze and in less than two minutes find and cut everything you are looking for, saving a lot of time and allowing you to dedicate yourself to more detailed analysis. Then you can send customized videos to each team member for a careful individual analysis.