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digital age.

In sport and in football an enormous amount of data is available. Kama. unites all data sources by offering an excellent integrated and personalized system for the needs of your club and staff. Kama. can be the decisive detail which gives you the competitive advantage to achieve your goals.

Kama. has developed specific services for training, match analysis, academy and video analysis. We are specialists in big data analysis and network science. We carry out research and development in every aspect of sport.

A new tailor made

Kama. is an ecosystem of technologies that allows each club to take full advantage of its potential that the world of data offers them. Each tool can be modulated and customised depending on their own targets. Kama. offers the chance to rethink the behaviour of the club, this is the detail that makes the difference.

Tools and managerial software are built and developed to solve different needs, not to solve the personal needs of a club. Kama. offers an integrated suite of services, technologies consultancies and trainings, tailor made for your Club and Staff.


Ground breaking solutions,
tailored to your needs.

The world of sports offers a wealth of data, Kama. helps you manage your data enabling you to get the most out of it. Kama. is something unique that allows every staff to get easily all the statistics and videos of the training and the matches. Kama help to that increase awareness and improvements on a daily basis. Every clubs should use it. We help you creating tomorrow’s champions!


A network of football experts
playing for the same team.

We are computer scientists, sports enthusiasts and innovators. We help to improve the performance and not sacrifice any precious time: this is the digital innovation that we bring everyday into the field of our customers and partners. Kama. is the evolution of sport. Welcome to the 4.0 era.

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